School Fees

Academic Year 2019-2020 (August 2019 – July 2020)

A Well-Structured International Primary Curriculum and National Curriculum Provided within a safe, happy and stimulating environment for child development. 

I. Tuition Fees

A) (Full Day: 8:00AM – 4:30PM)

Year Semester Term
Grade 1 $4158 $2132 $1092
Grade 2
Grade 3 $4324 $2214 $1134
Grade 4
Grade 5 $4497 $2302 $1177
Grade 6

B) (Half Day: 1:30PM – 4:30PM)

Year Semester Term
Grade 1 $2911 $1508 $780
Grade 2
Grade 3 $3027 $1567 $810
Grade 4
Grade 5 $3148 $1626 $840
Grade 6

II.Enrolment, Administration and Capital Fees

Description Conditions FEES
Enrolment fee One time only for new students throughout the EYFS $100
Administration fee Payable every year $300
Annual capital fee * Payable every year $350
Class of Chinese Payable every month $55

* This fee can be paid by term or year depending on the child’s enrolment schedule

III. Meal Services

Description Conditions PRICE AND PAYMENT OPTION
Year Semester Term
Breakfast Optional $230 $120 $68
Lunch Optional $483 $247 $131

IV. Extra Material Charge

Item Description CHARGE
School bag $25
Uniform (1 set) $15
Hat $10
Student ID card $8

V. Terms and Conditions

– Bluebird academic year runs from August through July, split into four terms per year. 

– Programmes are open from Monday to Friday. School is closed on Sundays and Holidays. 

– Child age is determined as at August 01 of the new academic year. 

– Extra-curricular programmes (e.g. football, swimming, yoga, Khmer class and field trip) are not additionally charged, except where required by external service providers. 

– Enrolment fee is inclusive of application fee and paid only once upfront throughout the EYFS enrolment. 

– Administration fee is payable every year for administrative support, school-parent related communication, child welfare and student health insurance. 

– Annual capital fee is payable at the beginning of each academic year and inclusive of school materials (e.g. bag, textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, colour crayons, pencils, folders) and 2 sets of uniforms per year. 

– Breakfast and lunch are optional and may be brought from home. If chosen, they are paid upfront. • All the above school fees are payable in US Dollar, non-refundable and exclusive of VAT. 

– School fees are reviewed annually and subject to change with or without notice. • Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer to ‘Bluebird International Education Co., LTD’.