quality driven education provider


Academic Excellence

Bluebird are committed to providing a unique, safe and stimulating environment that supports the role of play in early childhood learning and discovery as well as promoting the achievement of the highest academic and individual standards. We encourage the pursuit of knowledge skills and understanding through well planned, engaging and highly motivational tasks and activities. We promote the pursuit of personal excellence and support this with caring, trained and compassionate staff who foreground their duty of care in order for parents to feel they have left their most precious possession in capable hands.

International Mindedness

As we promote a 21st century mindset we are mindful that students need to be aware of the world around them, the changing nature of life and work as well as their need to care for each other and the environment. Bluebird International seeks to embrace all cultures and to promote environmental awareness through sustainable practice and consumption.


At Bluebird we are committed to promoting the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum in order to equip our students for the increasingly technological future they face.  We also acknowledge and embrace the changes that have occurred in society and educational practice over the last 20 years. Through integration of information technology and research skills we are ensuring students are learning for the 21st century and beyond.

Environment: The Third Teacher

At Bluebird our staff are trained to incorporate the environment as an important partner in the learning journey. Through careful and considered development of classroom and external environment we ensure student centered learning is supported and promoted in turn developing inquisitive and investigative students who are aware they are the central driver of their quest for knowledge and understanding.

Parents As Partners

Through the promotion of community and careful attention to transparent and timely communication we want our parents to feel they are a part of the learning community. Whilst learning and class activity remain the domain of the student and the teacher we seek to incorporate their inclusion with;

·         Learning Journeys that explore the entry and exit points and help them share in the childrens path to capturing curiosity

·         Field Trips and invitations to school based excursions

·          Timely and regular Parent Teacher conferencing

·         School Based fairs and events

·         Regular Parent information mornings where initiatives and information are shared to keep all stakeholders informed.