Happy Khmer New Year 2019

Happy Khmer New Year 2019! To celebrate the Khmer New Year, the whole of Bluebird School got together to share the celebrations, have fun and play some traditional Khmer games!The first game started with Bos Angkunh. Bos Angkunh is a traditional Khmer game that is popular to play during Khmer New Year. The game is known, not just for fun,
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Field Trip to Jurassic Kingdom Cambodia

Field Trip to Jurassic Kingdom CambodiaThis term, our preschool classes have been exploring the theme of dinosaurs. To enhance and support the lessons learned in our classrooms, the children recently went on an exciting field trip to Jurassic Kingdom Cambodia. Seeing a dinosaur on a worksheet or in a book is very different from sitting on one or standing face
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Dental Check-up with Pachem Dental Clinic

Dental Check-up with Pachem Dental Clinic Bluebird is committed to making sure our students always put their health first and follow a healthy lifestyle. We believe that healthy minds need healthy bodies and that’s why we collaborate with Pachem Dental Clinic to give your child the best quality dental checks twice per year.The professional dental Doctors and Nurses from Pachem gave
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