National Curriculum

 In line with our International Programme focus MOEYS are committed to the principles and practices of 21st century learning. The aim of the revised Cambodian National Curriculum is to ensure all children have a strong foundation 21st century learning. We are committed to the promotion and fostering of critical thinking, cooperation as well as the nurturing of creativity and imagination. As students move toward new career paths for the 21st century our curriculum reflects the need to embrace technology and computer literacy in order to meet the challenges our global minded students will face in their futures. The study of communication technology, information and media literacy is also strengthened in order to help our students navigate in an increasingly technological environment. As we move toward a new way of learning we are committed to strengthening, not only our numeracy and literacy curriculum but we also acknowledge the need to invest in learning the skills of collaboration and leadership to ensure our students are positioned to meet the changing nature of education, the workforce and in fostering global citizenship.

Our Vision

Is to train our students to become potential citizens, skillful, who are knowledgeable, with honest attitudes and with a sense of patriotism. 

Our Mission

To achieve the above vision, the school strives to bring the latest national teaching approaches in line with the progress of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and in the digital age (3Rs + 8Cs and 2Ls).

Our National Curriculum

In line with national curriculum reformation, for our new academic year 2019-2020 students are scheduled to study 5 days a week – 4 hours per day (40minutes study hour per session).

Main subjects for primary curriculum:

  1. Khmer Literacy                     11 Hours
  2. Mathematics                         06 Hours
  3. Social Studies                      02 Hours
  4. Computer                              01 Hour

 Total weekly study hours = 20 hours.

At Bluebird International School we value cultural awareness, understanding and diversity. As our students develop in the Early Years programme they are exposed to Khmer language and culture through hands on, child centered, playful immersion classes twice a week for 45 minutes from the age 4.

In Primary 1 at the age of 6 they are introduced to the MOEYS National Curriculum by our dynamic and experienced team of Khmer teachers.  Our team are dedicated and focused on ensuring all MOEYS guidelines and directives are met and that our students develop the skills and knowledge to access and embrace the language, culture and society of their mother tongue.

Our national curriculum teachers are well-trained with clear pedagogical experience, which is recognized by ministry of education as outstanding, as well as many years of teaching and management experience in both public and private schools.