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Meet Our Team

At Bluebird we pride ourselves on providing quality care as well as Academic rigor. Our trained and qualified staff have been selected for their skills and knowledge and we look forward to growing and developing as a team of collaborative educators whom work towards the best for your children.

Throughout the year all staff will attend 4 Professional Development training sessions which are designed to enhance their knowledge of curriculum, their understanding of International teaching pedagogy as well as develop their skills as they pertain to their cohort of students.
At Bluebird we want to ensure the students are grounded in international mindedness and as such our international staff can bring these values to the forefront.


Programme Coordinator

My name is Kendall Fairburn. I am from America and have been living and working in Phnom Penh for 5 years. I began my tenure at Bluebird as a Nursery Teacher for the White Doves over 3 years ago. It is a pleasure to see many of my former students still here today. I earned my Bachelors of Arts Degree from Marymount Manhattan College in International Studies. However, I quickly realized teaching was my passion. I have worked with students at every level from Nursery to Primary. I have participated in numerous educational training programs in Cambodia and abroad, and look forward to helping implement the International Primary Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stages here at Bluebird.

            My passion has always been in creating a community and safe environment where students can reach their fullest potential. Bluebird has the staff, students and parental support to achieve all that and more. Furthermore, the Bluebird community in which children are encouraged to become the future leaders and innovators this world needs to move forward.

Golden Eagles and Silver Sparrows

My name is Steven Clark. I am 27 years old, and was originally born in New York, USA. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the moment that a student is able to fully grasp a concept; seeing their eyes light up with revelation. I enjoy the challenge of discovering the ways in which different students learn, and seeing the different ways that students question the world around them. Everyone is both a teacher and a student, and I believe the classroom must be approached from that angle.

Grey Geese

My name is Mitchell Field and I am from London. I have been living in Cambodia for 5 years. My favourite subject to teach is Math. My hobbies are skateboarding, art and football. Many members of my family back in England are in all levels of education, from nursery to university. Growing up in this environment nurtured my passion for learning, and has encouraged me to want to be a teacher myself. I am excited to part of the Bluebird family and look forward to learning and growing together.

Brown Owls

My name is Ben Parris and I’m from the city of Bath in England. I first came to Cambodia in March 2014 when I volunteered for Hope school in Angk Ta Saom, during my 2 months at the school I felt so welcomed by the Khmer people that I wanted to return the moment I left. I come from a family of teachers but my first teaching experience was at Hope school where the children were very friendly and eager to learn. After a few holidays back in Cambodia and a year teaching in Beijing I immigrated to Phnom Penh in 2017 where I have continued my passion in education. I find teaching and watching children’s development very rewarding. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and look forward to a long relationship with Bluebird and my new students.

Green Parrots

My name is Lochlann Hart and I am from Cork in the south of Ireland. I have lived in many places across Europe where I have gained a new perspective on the different cultures and experiences in the interaction of this now diverse world we live in.

I have previously been involved in programs for over four years of students of all ages who need additional support. Since moving to Cambodia a year ago I have been working at Bluebird International School as teacher for the Red Robins class and this move to Green Parrots is one I look forward to, in meeting my new students and seeing the many adventures we will partake and where they will lead us.

Student’s education to me is more than just school life buy it involves education from all aspects of their life, where home life incorporated with school can build the student for a stronger and brighter future where they do more than just learning but they understand what they are learning to reach their life goals in this ever changing and dynamic World we are living in

Purple Puffins

My name is Emily Cabrera. I am from Manila, Philippines. I lived and studied in the United Kingdom. I’m TESOL-certified and Montessori-trained and have been teaching Kindergarten level for the last 5 years in Cambodia. I love travelling and exploring different places and meeting people. I am drawn to books and enjoy reading about history.

 My philosophy in life is simple. Do things with all your heart or don’t do it at all. I believe that we are where we are for a reason and we should make that presence count.  I find joy seeing in each and every student that I have had the privilege of handling become confident about themselves because their teacher believed in them first. And when they have that right confidence within them, they can achieve anything they want to. For me, making a positive significant influence in one’s life is more important than anything else.

White Doves

My name is Natasha Tiernan. I’m from Dublin, in Ireland. I have worked for over 20 years teaching young children with 8 years teaching the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme to our young students. 

 I firmly believe that every child is entitled to an enriching education, respect and professionalism. My goal is to motivate my children in ascertaining their inner strengths, abilities, and the activities that truly inspire them. I aim to provide a stimulating environment that fosters confidence and encourages children to reach their full potential.

 I am looking forward to joining Bluebird British International Preschool and meeting you and your child very soon. 

White Doves

Hello Bluebird community! My name is John Herse and I am from Nebraska, USA. I came to Cambodia as a Peace Corps volunteer in July 2015 as a teacher and teacher trainer. I loved living in Kampong Chhnang with a Cambodian host family for two years and decided to experience living in Phnom Penh. I learned the Khmer language as well as Khmer culture while living in the province and in the capital. I have been teaching ever since. I have worked in both public Cambodian schools and private schools here with very different and educational experiences. 


I am happy to share my experiences with my students here and help them grow more than just academically. I am excited to have a new class with happy faces. Let’s make this a great year.

Pink Flamingoes

My name is Natalie Bronkhorst and I am 34years old. I was born in Virginia, South-Africa. I am a mother of a beautiful 4year old girl, Several years later I moved to the United Arab Emirates. I decided to teach again and worked in a Primary school for 3years. I enjoyed every second of all those little smiles that just make life worthwhile. I love teaching because it’s fun, everyday something new and its not just the teachers that give the lesson but also the teachers that learn from the students. It is also the satisfaction of extreme happiness when you see that what you have been teaching is showing in the students. How happy they are when they try to do something new and they get it done own their own.

Yellow Ducklings

My name is Zusette and I am 49 years old.  I am from South Africa.  My husband Marius and I have been married for 30 years and we have two children.  One son Werner who is 29 and a daughter 25.  I also became a daughter richer when my son got married a year and a half ago and they made me the happiest Mum a month ago when they told me I am going to be a granny next year.   My daughter has been in Cambodia for 2 years already. 

I came to Cambodia in April on holiday to visit my daughter.  We fell in love with Cambodia and went home packed up all our belongings and moved here a month later. 

Family is very important to us and we spend as much of our free time together as we can.  As my son is still in South Africa we spend our late Sunday afternoons speaking to him on skype.   I love cooking, baking and reading.

I have been teaching 2-3 year old for 8 years and I am of the opinion that to play is to learn.  By making it fun children learn without knowing it.  The partnership between parent and teacher is very important and by working together we will have a happy child.

I am looking forward to growing and learning with the Yellow Ducklings and look forward to becoming part of the wider Bluebird International School Community.

Meet Our Team

Our national curriculum teachers are well-trained with clear pedagogical experience, which is recognized by ministry of education as outstanding, as well as many years of teaching and management experience in both public and private schools.

Head Of National Curriculum


– Certificate  of Training on Child Friendly School Program, 2011

– Certificate  of Training on Child Friendly School Program, 2011

– Good Governance School Award, 2017 

– Certificate of Participation in Educational & Cultural Exchange, 2019

– Certificate of Networking (Cambodia vs. Malaysia), 2019

– School Management Workshop in Singapore, 2019

– Exchange experience workshop of educational

system in Malaysia , 2019

–  Participated in social work (as an election commission), 2019

-School Principal at Chaktamuk Primary school


Head Of Khmer Teacher


– Certificate of Pedagogy in Primary School Teacher, 2004 

– 18 years in teaching experience

-Best Achievement in Teaching and Classroom Management Admiration Letter, 2016

-Attended national and international seminars on innovative education, student-centered approaches, lesson plan, and health promotion in schools.

Outstanding School Leadership Award, 2019

– Study Tour to Malaysia & Singapore, 2019



– Basic level teacher

– Bachelor of Pedagogy

– 32 years in teaching experience



– Basic level teacher

– Bachelor of Pedagogy

– 32 years in teaching experience



– Primary school teacher, Grade 2

– Certificate of pedagogy in primary school teacher

– 18 years in teaching experience



– Basic level teacher

– Bachelor Degree

– 32 years in teaching experience

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