Happy Khmer New Year 2019

Happy Khmer New Year 2019! To celebrate the Khmer New Year, the whole of Bluebird School got together to share the celebrations, have fun and play some traditional Khmer games!

The first game started with Bos Angkunh. Bos Angkunh is a traditional Khmer game that is popular to play during Khmer New Year. The game is known, not just for fun, but for benefits to mental and physical dexterity and ‘Angkunh’ is named after a dried fruit from a climbing plant in Cambodia.

Then, we had great fun playing Teagn Prot. Teagn Prot is a fun tug-of-war game with teams of boys and girls pitting their strengths by pulling on the rope. Teagn Prot has a number of significant stories in Khmer culture and is found in many folktales.

Leak Konsaeng (translated to ‘hiding the scarf’) is the most popular of all the traditional Khmer games. Leak Konsaeng can be played not just during the Khmer New year but at any time when children and families get together, but even the grown-ups love to join in!

The students of Primary and Reception classes also enjoy Lot Bav. Lot Bav is so much fun for all ages and involves children (and adults if they get the chance) racing against each other across the grass in rice bags!

The last game finished our action-packed day with Sva Dom Deurm Sleuk Cheur Game. You can see how much fun they all had in the photos and this was the perfect game to end our Khmer New Year celebrations with. At Bluebird, we like to work hard, but we also know when it’s time to celebrate and have fun together as a school.

From all of our children, teachers, support staff, and directors, we would like to wish you and your family a Happy Khmer New Year filled with happiness, health, prosperity, and good fortune!

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