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passion for excellence

Bluebird Board of Directors is made up of school founders, parents, local authority and childcare specialists. They are from diverse professional backgrounds, fully skilled, dedicated to ensuring the highest possible quality of childcare and education. The Board is responsible for working with the school management to oversee the strategic direction and promote achievement of all children.

Only professional staff 

The Board ensures that people who will be employed by Bluebird must be Early Years Qualified, suitable, hardworking, creative, child-centric, and ready to work to help us operate the school at its full potential. To encourage staff retention and longevity, Bluebird will offer exclusive benefits to long serving staff members based on their performance.

Business Model 

As a business leader in education, Bluebird has built a clearly defined business structure that can strategically manage and support the growth and continuity of the services they offer. The Board is fully committed to complying with all the learning and childcare requirements of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) as proscribed by the UK government. Bluebird has shown its passion and commitment to meet all the requirements and is leading the way for high-quality education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The Board’s Commitment    

– Your child receives an education in line with the curriculum.

– Our values to support and promote early childhood as a preschool continue.

– Our primary aims & goals are maintained to the highest standard possible.

– Bluebird is a safe, happy, and stimulating environment for your child to learn and develop. 

Vested Interest

All the Board members have a vested interest to ensure Bluebird’s vision & commitment to academic excellence is realised. 

The Board oversees and constructively engages with the school’s development. They support the school’s management as much as possible to ensure that the best learning quality and opportunities are available for all the children.

"From the moment your child enters Bluebird to the end of a school day, Bluebird’s team of professional staff ensure that they are continually engaging in a broad range of activities."
Shaun S.
Board Member