First Aid Training and Certification with PhyaThai3 Hospital of Bangkok

Bluebird British International School has partnered with PhyaThai3 Hospital of Bangkok, Thailand to deliver comprehensive first aid training to all staff. PhyaThai3 is a leading hospital in Bangkok specializing in child care and pediatrics. The hospital is equipped with a High Risk Clinic and Child Development Clinic.

Proper first aid training is essential for any school to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. Bluebird staff reviewed techniques for safely treating burns, broken bones and cuts. The PhyaThai3 Hospital staff also demonstrated and gave instructions on the correct way to perform C.P.R. on infants, children and adults.

These Professional Development days give all Bluebird staff an opportunity to update their knowledge and qualifications. Up to date qualifications and continued leaning give Bluebird staff the skills necessary to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for every child. Bluebird has made a commitment to every parent to guarantee all student’s safety while on campus. Should an emergency ever occur, parents can rest assured that our staff have been thoroughly trained to handle any situation.

Find out why Bluebird British International School is the best choice for your child today.

Bluebird British International School
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