Field Trip to Jurassic Kingdom Cambodia

Field Trip to Jurassic Kingdom Cambodia

This term, our preschool classes have been exploring the theme of dinosaurs. To enhance and support the lessons learned in our classrooms, the children recently went on an exciting field trip to Jurassic Kingdom Cambodia. Seeing a dinosaur on a worksheet or in a book is very different from sitting on one or standing face to face, and it was fantastic to see them learning and having so much fun!

Field trips are so important because they take the lessons from the classroom and allow the children to apply them to the real world. The environments children learn in and the experiences they share, help to build and shape their cognitive, social and emotional structures. While both classroom and external environments are essential, it is the combination that allows your child to form these important structural foundations.

When your child has a new experience, they naturally ask questions and learn new ideas, often working out the answers for themselves through the process of ‘critical thinking’. Critical thinking is a valuable skill that your child will use in almost every area of their life, and it is crucial that they receive varied opportunities to enhance it.

Bluebird is passionate about providing your child with a variety of educational environments that positively nurture and grow their development in the best way possible. We include many extracurricular activities in our varied, exciting, and engaging curriculum and encourage a love of learning in all we do.

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