Eye Checkup with Brien Holden Vision Institute

In cooperation with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, we provided eye check-ups for all the children at Bluebird British International School in Phnom Penh this week. This is the third time we have collaborated with the Brien Holden Vision Institute, and it was a pleasure to welcome them to our school again.

The opticians talked to the children about how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The children learned that exercise and a healthy diet are both important, not just their general health, but also their eyesight. To make sure these lessons are reinforced following the visit, our teachers worked with the team from Brien Holden to share resources that can be integrated into our curriculum.

The children waited with their friends to have their eyes checked, and their vision tested, and really enjoyed seeing all the interesting examination tools! Visits like these are fun and informative for the children and offer them another way to learn about themselves, the world around them, and the roles different people play in society.

Your child’s health is our primary concern, and that’s why Bluebird go further than just educating in the classroom. We offer extracurricular activities to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle, and our full-time nurse delivers regular hygiene lessons to the children. Having a full time fully qualified Nurse at Bluebird means that we can monitor your child’s health at all times and can act swiftly if we have any concerns.

Events like the eye tests carried out by the team from Brienholden Vision Institute highlight our commitment to health and safety and the physical, emotional, intellectual and social developmental needs of your child and we look forward to welcoming them again soon.

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Bluebird British International School
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