Dental Check-up with Pachem Dental Clinic

Dental Check-up with Pachem Dental Clinic


Bluebird is committed to making sure our students always put their health first and follow a healthy lifestyle. We believe that healthy minds need healthy bodies and that’s why we collaborate with Pachem Dental Clinic to give your child the best quality dental checks twice per year.

The professional dental Doctors and Nurses from Pachem gave our students an oral health presentation to teach them how important it is to brush their teeth twice a day, floss, and eat a healthy diet. The dental team encouraged the children to always look after their teeth and made them feel comfortable and at ease about the check-ups.

Following the presentation, each child received their oral check up from the dentists, and at the end of the visit, they received a goody bag filled with everything they need to keep their teeth healthy!

Health and hygiene are vital for learning, and at Bluebird, we provide your child with regular health checks and hygiene lessons. To reinforce our strong commitment to the health and safety of your child, our full-time staff nurse is always on hand to ensure your child is in the safest environment possible.

Thank you to Pachem Dental Clinic for providing such a professional dental service to our students, and we look forward to welcoming you back to our school again later this year.

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